Girlfriends Rolling on a Road Trip, pt. 2!

Thu., May 28- We’re Finally Here!!

So as we rolled in to Port A we 1st made a pit stop at our hotel! We needed to put our luggage in the “accessible” room and I had to go to the bathroom. I am not sure if I have ever been to a hotel room to find that their version of what is accessible is accurate. I do give them WARM FUZZIES (compliments) for the raised toilet and grab bars! We go over to wash my hands only to find that there are these little shelves under the sink that are holding our towels in them. WHAT?!? We did not take the time to look at the situation in the beginning as I just saw a good toilet and grab bars. When nature calls-thoughts are on the basics , LOL! I do not know where their thought process was in this situation, but it is a good thing we had hand sanitizer! We were exhausted and have to prop up our feet for a little bit and concur on what our next plans would be. Going to the beach was 1st on the agenda!!


We tried several places for dinner, but ended up grabbing a burger (mine was a teriyaki pineapple burger). It was yummy!! And went back to our “accessible” hotel room for the night! How many people does it take to undo a sofa bed??? We ended up getting one of the hotel staff to help us out with that! We figured out a way to get running water on my hands, and so that I could brush my teeth! By using the not so roll in shower and an empty trash can! I just used a cup for my teeth! I don’t think it took any of us long to hit the waves… I mean hay!

Fri., May 29-Excited to Chute ’em Up

This day could not have started more perfectly then with a turkey avocado Panini! We went to look at the beach wheelchair that we could have possibly borrowed. I didn’t actually go see it but I waited in the van. To my disappointment the one they had would not have fit in my van. They took a picture and it looked nothing like the one I used in Cozumel. I got over the up pretty quickly as I had greater things up ahead! 2 gentlemen lifted me in my wheelchair on the dock to get ready to parasail!! We watched a safety video, got our Go Pro, and was lifted onto the boat! I finally got to meet Tim from Chute Em up that I had been emailing with back and forth for the past couple of months! He was nice, sweet, and easy on the eyes if you catch my drift!! They put a harness on in between my legs around my back along with a sling under the back of my thighs like I am on a swing. Then they put a life jacket on just in case I decide to make a crash landing in the ocean, LOL! They have an extra safety feature that is attached! They then hooked all 3 of us up, and away we went! I felt so secure up there and I knew that Christina was making sure I was going nowhere as you can see all of the pictures she has her arm around me! The transition of going up and coming down was very smooth! Normally AB’s stand going up and coming down on the boat, but because of me and everybody got to sit! And Tim made sure to position my feet so that way when I came in they did not go under me!Here are a few of my favorite photos that was taken of us while up there. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but for now it is one thing I can take off my bucket list!! Thank you to Tim and all the folks at Chute Em Up!

Excited for some Cajun food for dinner! I think that that was one of Kim’s favorite places that we went to for dinner! She could sure chow down on some Cajun food, LOL!

To be continued…
Rolling on, Stephanie

3 thoughts on “Girlfriends Rolling on a Road Trip, pt. 2!

  1. Good job on your post and giving everyone their kudos! Port A is such a family friendly and now I’ve learned, wheelchair accessible town! Yes, I can put away some Cajun food as well as a tasty apple ale! Yummy!

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  2. How did y’all escape that shark!!!! I feel like I’ve seen more shark attacks in the news lately. Never thought you’d have such a close call! While Para-sailing! Epic!


    1. That is funny that you say that because there was a shark that was caught by a 13-year-old boy in Port Aransas this morning. Someone send me a post about it today with a picture of the shark! We did not see any while we were out there. If I would have known there would have been a danger I would have opted to have not been dipped!


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