Girlfriends Rolling on a Road Trip, pt. 1!

So I have said that traveling is exhausting for me, and that is still true! When an opportunity rollis your way you must take it as there may not be another time! I would have never been able to go if it wasn’t for my friends Christina and Kim coming with me to help!

This was an adventure that we had been planning since early this year to go to the beach here in Texas! With the help from my cousin Melissa who is a travel advisor I knew I would get things done! I told Melissa that what I would really like to do is parasail! That is something that had been on my bucket list for years, but have never been able to find a place that would do it for me. I had seen it done for people with physical disabilities before (even for people with ataxia before) so I knew that it could be done however, finding someone who would do it without playing the liability card was the issue This has happened to me before when it came to parasailing, and I was not a happy camper about it. She looked at parasailing, and Port Aransas was the only beach that offered it. So I said that Port Aransas is where I want to go then! Melissa was not going to give up for me, and she called them. The guy (Tim) that she ended up speaking to was so nice, and he told her that it was fine. He said that I could leave my wheelchair on the dock, and that he would pick me up and put me on the boat! I was a huge happy camper at this point you have no idea! The outfit that did the parasailing in Port Aransas is called Chute Em Up, and they get lots of WARM FUZZIES from me! It just so happened that Port Aransas is one of Kim’s favorite vacation spots so having been there tons before she was excited to show Christina and I around. So she was in charge of getting the hotel lined up for us!

Fast-forward a couple of months and the Covid happened, and the lockdown began! Again, not a happy camper! We had reserved the hotel and I paid for the 3 of us to parasail already! So I waited it out to see if things were going to start to reopen, like they said they might. I knew the hotel would not be a problem as I just reserved it, but I totally paid for the parasailing and was not sure how things would end up. So Melissa gave me the email address to the guy she spoke to, and we ended up chatting back and forth lots of times! He was not worried if I did need to change the date or whatever! I am blessed to have a good immune system for having this physical disability, thank you God and took precautions when necessary! After the 2nd full week of May more things were reopening, and I was excited to say GAME ON to Tim at Chute Em Up!!

So after 2 months of being stuck in the house I was so ready to get my TAN ON at the beach!! That 7 hour drive sure did seem like it took forever, ugh! Good thing we were all friends!! When we got on the ferry to get to Port Aransas we saw this pelican!

To be continued…
Rolling on, Stephanie

2 thoughts on “Girlfriends Rolling on a Road Trip, pt. 1!

  1. This is great! You could be a spokesperson for a travel site! I had a blast and I know you did too, but I bet it took you a few days to recover. We should plan another girls trip sometime 😊 Whats next on your bucket list…don’t say skydiving 🤣🤣🤣

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