Girlfriends Rolling on a Trip, pt. 3!

Saturday, May 30- A Day At Sea!

Kim and Christina are both early risers while me on the other hand seem to get my best sleep in the mornings. So they were both up early that morning, and Kim decided that she would take advantage and try to go get some pictures of the sunrise on the beach! She did some beautiful photography work that morning and I will share some of my favorite pics!

So we planned to eat some quick breakfast burritos in the morning in the room, and head off to get a little shopping done before heading off to the beach!! We knew that the sun would drain us so bad that we would not want to go shop afterwords. As ladies we needed to get our retail therapy on!! We did not go completely overboard, LOL!!

It is now time to go soak up the sun! Before coming on the trip Kim’s husband Dave got a beach chair so that I could just sit on the beach while the tides would roll in and splash my feet! It was so relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of it! Kim and Christina both enjoyed riding the waves with the boogie boards! Dave have also got a big beach umbrella so that I would be shaded while out there, but that only lasted a couple of mins. because I was too close to the water and it was all breezy. Hopefully it will work for them the next time they are at the beach! But I could have spent all day in the sun at that point because I did not even care. The sound of the waves, the warmth of the water, and the summer breeze that makes you feel fine! I could’ve stayed out there for a long time! I was smothered and covered and recovered lots with sunscreen! I used to tan really easy (thank you grandpa Bruner!) not so much now so we only stayed out there several hours. I was saddened about that, but it is what it is and I understood! PS- I did not burn!! So yay me!!

So I normally use these really big washcloths that are premoistened and spitbath with those when I travel as it is way too much to try to get in a shower without the proper set up for me. But because coming in from the beach means that sand is in places where it shouldn’t be if you know what I’m sayin’!! I can’t go to dinner looking like a Brillo pad and the not so roll in shower was not going to work so Christina came up with the idea to give me a shower (quickly) while sitting on the toilet! Now I had done this before on each of my cruises because the drain is in the middle of the floor. Not so much here so I thought she was crazy. WE DID IT!! I came away as clean as a whistle and she made sure to wipe the floor and toilet to make sure all was dry! We decided we wanted to go somewhere nice for our last dinner in Port A! We ended up going to Moby Dick’s restaurant! They had a little store in there and everything! It was well liked as it was an hour and a half wait!! We were patient and each one of us got a strawberry daiquiri! I came to realize that I am picky when it comes to seafood, but it was good!

Sun, May 31-Until Next Time!

Even I was an early riser that morning because I knew it was a 7 hour trip ahead of us. It had been raining early that morning but it stopped long enough to get our luggage packed and ourselves in the van! As we were leaving to get on the ferry the drove past these pink palm trees!!!


We could not have asked for more perfect weather the whole weekend! Everyone that we came in contact with was so nice! I could not have picked 2 more wonderful friends to come on this trip with, thank you for saying yes to come with!! From looking up high in the sky to feeling the sand between my fingers there is no denying God’s beauty!!

So what about you and your bucket list?

Rolling on, Stephanie

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