Rolling blackouts 2/20/2021

Winter Storm Rolls in!

Mother nature sure wanted to make sure that we would have an unforgettable Valentines week here in Texas! It actually started to snow on Valentine’s Day! Not enough to make a snowman yet. The temps kept getting low low low! I was wearing my fleece PJ pants, leg warmers, facemask (I knew I was full of hot air!), mittens (I still got them Jolene after all these years!), Leg braces, thermal shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and a couple of blankets. I was going to make sure I did not get cold. Being cold all the time anyway is part of having FA. I ate, slept (I was so relieved to not have gotten pins and needles when I slept due to the cold, but I was so bundled and had the weight of my leg braces on), drank, went to the potty(I thought that setting on that porcelain seat was going to make me get up and walk, HELLO!! Watching my life would intake was a must during this time!), and everything in this stuff for 4 days, we did not have power for 36 hours! Thank God for my Kindle, and the fact that I had enough charge and a downloaded I will book to listen to. Good thing my brother brought us over hot food and firewood. After dinner that 1st night I had told dad that I wondered if we had any batteries for one of our alarm clocks that had a radio. We did! So for that evening and the next day we listened to the oldies station! I cannot believe that the oldies station is all my jam!! So I was singing along with all the songs, it was a good time waster! Several hours before we got power back that batteries went dead on the radio, dad and I were so saddened, ugh! We both started seeing me back and forth those songs. I did Pour Some Sugar on me by Def Leppard (I miss you Julie Vail, and think of you every time I hear it) while dad would shout Dream On by Aerosmith while I would crack up! We would never make it on American Idol!! The power came back on several hours later, thank you God! The next day we realized that our heater started messing up so dad called the heater dudes! Then next morning they came out and, f will for a long while it started working, It was just a short circuit they told us, no biggie! It did not stay warm for long though, ugh! Something keeps tripping it up and we are having issues again, ugh! Dad put another call out to the heating dudes! It was another cold night in my house, ugh! Took an electrician but we got it resolved! My caregiver has taken the past couple of days but yesterday she tried to see if she can go find some gas! Thank God that she found some! There is a water shortage here in NRH where I live? We only drink bottled water, but still everything else, geez! So if it is brown flush it down, but if it is yellow let it mellow😂 The water restriction is going through this weekend. This girl cannot wait until Mon and I can take a shower if you get my drift!! Dad just got back from the store, and apparently people are hoarding bottled water, bread, other essentials! GOOD NIGHT!! I am so glad that much warmer temperatures are coming!!


This is definitely an unforgettable time and as I look back on things I made some awesome memories with my dad! Not at that time but sometimes the stuff was funny!! The most important thing was that I survived through it all and so did my dad! You know what they say Laughter Is the Best Medicine!

I know that things could have been so much worse and I know they were for some people. I was and still I am continuously praying for them that do not have shelter, food, and warm clothing or blankets. I saw the news earlier where there were 30 deaths so far in Texas and tons of damages, this makes my heart very sad! I am definitely counting my blessings!

Note to self: so this won’t happen again! Get:

  • Candles
  • matches
  • lanterns
  • 9 V batteries

Rolling on, Stephanie

6 thoughts on “Rolling blackouts 2/20/2021

  1. Glad to hear that you & your Dad are okay. We didn’t have electricity issues (country life), but a main pipe broke and left us without running water for 5 days. We always have bottled water & food. Plumber charged $489 for pipe repair. Truck got stuck, and the neighbor pulled it out. Now we are in the midst of the big melt and our yards are a sea of mud (so keep your wheels on the cement). Love & prayers to you always 🥰🙏🏼🥰

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  2. All my goodness so glad that Joe and you are okay! Sorry to hear about the pipe issues (and pay), I cannot imagine no water for 5 days! That is crazy about the med and the water melts and agreed I will stay on the cement thank you! Many hugs and much love! I just added a picture of dad and I, it is cute so check it out!

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    1. Yes….I saw that just now! Except you have your lovely face & smile covered by the mask 😷. Always beautiful inside & out 🥰


  3. Finally! I got to see and read the blog! Your pictures are so cute, how did you see in that last one, lol? Just for laughs I guess. I can’t believe how much snow we all got, it’s pretty to look at but miserable to be in with now power. I’m so thankful y’all had what you needed and that your brother came to your rescue! I was praying for you guys and standing ready if you needed me. So glad today feels like spring and everything is melted. You have the best spirit through it all and it looks like your dad was cool and collected! Yes, we will learn a lot from all this, like we need to get our fireplace working in case this ever happens again. Glad we have family to turn to and friends helping one another. The neighbor lady across the court from us had a pipe burst while she was away and flood five rooms of her house. All the neighbors pitched in to help move furniture, rip up carpet, and Dave went over today and helped drag all that to the street. Poor thing lives alone, I’m sure she was happy for helpful neighbors! Texas showed their true colors as the friendly state throughout this crisis! So glad we are all still here to talk about it, and I am sad for those who passed away. Also glad to see you doing so well with your blog, keep it up girl, love you!! 🤗😘🥰

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    1. I am so glad that you finally got to read it. I did it very quickly, and I hope there were not a lot of typos! Out there and then updating the photo of dad and I I have not reread it. I cannot look at it right now. I now know what it is like to be blind! I Was able to listen to my audiobook with a headset the whole time so I did not need to see!! My face stayed warm with the facemask and the hoodie on, LOL! Who says that facemasks aren’t here for a reason!! It is good to see that there are good neighbors, good families, and good people in general! My aunt from OK just text us and asked if we needed to turn on the air conditioner today? I laughed, and said that sounds about right where it is freezing one day and half the next! I thought that was a really good poem that you wrote on yesterday’s blog! Wish I had the gift to rhyme like you do!

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