It’s a gas, gas, gas!

I am still planning to write about the Adulting events with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) that happened throughout my life, but I am also going to write about some current Adulting events with FA.

So I go to my Pulmonology appt. today. Nothing bad was wrong but due to the fact that I have scoliosis and show signs of silent aspiration my PCP & Neuro wanted me to get checked out by her. I am thankful that they are looking at all measures when it comes to my health. She ordered for me to have blood gases drawn! The last time I had blood gases drawn I was 12 years old, and was being diagnosed. I am 45 now, but still remember what an awful feeling that was. It hurt like a MOFO!! Yes, I said it!! Knowing that I am not a little kid anymore did not matter because I was sweating bullets!! The shot was not that bad, having a good phlebotomist makes all the difference! I was ever so grateful for that lady! The aftermath was horrible. She said that I had rolling veins, and the artery was right on a nerve which is why my wrist was so sensitive! Not the nerve I thought! She punctured my last good nerve (FA is a nerve disorder), lol! It could’ve been worse! But my wrist still hurts!

Rolling on, Stephanie

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