It could always be worse… Part 3

This (March) makes for the yr anniversary Christina and I have been going to the gym (Neuro Fitness foundation NFF) to work out! I can hardly believe it! I have been doing a good job about making it at least 3 days a week and my 6 pack abs and my guns prove it!! LOL/Just Kidding! As I have said before I am not working out to get 6 pack abs or big guns, but to slow the progression of my disability (FA). Do I think that it has been good for me to go This past yr? I absolutely know it has, my overall health is so much better!! But I know one thing for sure that if I did not go it could always be worse! If you want to know about this gym and go to see pictures of my routine when I started CLICK HERE

But for now I will show pictures of the things that I have added to my routine, along with things that I am doing periodically! Let me start with those things that I have added to my routine: the arm stretches, where I have a hold of both sides of it and when I raise one arm the other will go down. I continue this for 20 reps! The next one I do is the circulator. I use it to “wake up” my legs all the new vibration for 60 seconds! I have good vibrations twice! It usually only takes twice because it tickles if I do it more! Now I will show you the things I do periodically, and then I plan to do again! 1st just standing frame glider that when I move my hands backwards and forwards it moves my feet! It wears me out so I only do it for 5 minutes! Then we have sit to stand where 1 of the therapist get in front of me with thanking a belt around me and help me to stand!! It is a free filling that makes me smile!! I have not done it in a while, but that doesn’t mean anything! The last time I stood did it for 5 minutes!! Last but certainly not least is the leg press which I have only done once, but never say never right? I was amazed that I was able to do it at all! Because of this I tried it stand on a weight of 50 pounds, just to see if I could do it, when J Lo and behold I did it!! Of course I only did it my twice just to prove to myself that I could!! I know that things are getting worse and that makes no reason to stop doing what I can while I can! It helps me out physically, emotionally, and mentally!!

A huge thank you goes out to Christina for being my partner in crime at the gym this past yr. Thank you for being you!Many more years to come for sure!


I am so blessed as I know that it could always be worse!

Rolling on, Stephanie

9 thoughts on “It could always be worse… Part 3

  1. Stephanie, you are such an inspiration. When I see you giving it your all at the gym, it makes me want to work harder.
    You always have a smile and never complain. I’m so glad to have you and Christina as friends. We’ve been off schedule at the gym but we hope to get back to our routine soon.
    Keep up the good work! Love you!

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    1. Thanks so much for the compliments, they mean so much coming from you! It makes me feel good to know that that with this crippled the body and can inspire people!!


      1. God bless you! I can’t wait to see you one of these wknds we are here. I will of course text ahead! We have the kids coming today…our first time to see them since we’ve been back! So excited!

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