I was so excited!!

I was so excited that I had to write and tell everyone that I got to use my gait trainer today at the gym!! I was kind of nervous to start to stand up into the gait trainer from my manual wheelchair. I have always done this from my power wheelchair that had an elevation feature where I started out higher. They put a gait belt around me, helped me to go forward in the seat, and guided me up to stand!! From all of the prior work I had done on the gait trainer and made the it made standing up into it easier (thank you PT Cindy)! And I was so excited!! On the 3rd picture you will see me standing with a block in between my feet to help keep my feet from turning and I was doing lunges that way! I had never done lunges like that before!! I was so excited!! I am loving being able to stand again and do some weight bearing(besides what I get every morning on my standing frame when I eat breakfast with Christina’s help!) So complete grateful to Josh and Sam (the main therapists), and for Christina’s help today!! So excited to get to do it some more and to take some steps!!

Rolling on, Stephanie

4 thoughts on “I was so excited!!

  1. I’m so happy for you!!! That is life changing news! You need to keep working with these trainers and let them help push you even harder! So exciting, the possibilities!! You go girl, you’re a rock star!

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