My new routine!

When I last wrote it was the end of Jan and my insurance had run out from seeing my Neuro PT. I had been seeing her for 16 years and was not really sure where to turn to get another home PT that would be paid for by my insurance…

My wonderful neighbor down the street told me of a gym that her and her husband go to for people with physical disabilities. It is called the Neuro Fitness Foundation (NFF). They have all kinds of adaptable equipment that is set up for us! People who have suffered strokes, MS, CP, Ataxia, MD, or any kind of accident can go there! All you need is a release form from the doctor, And you are ready to roll!!

To find out more about this wonderful gym go to!

What was awesome is that I use to work out there in the late 90s!! I stopper going there when I went to college and found that they had moved and then I started seeing my home PT. But due to my neighbor going there I realized that they did not move far away at all!! In 2012 (I think) I started going to yoga go there for several months, and later that Camp Craig Allen(I am on their Board of Directors) had partnered with them with one on their fundraisers that I attended. So my knowledge of who they were was not new to me.Then in Feb a Neuro PT came to speak at the N. TX Ataxia support group meeting we had and she mentioned NFF! I thought that is a sign that I need to start going there again! So I started the paperwork, got a hold of my neurologist, and went for a meet and greet with the lead therapist Josh!! And because I am a member now my caregiver Christina gets to work out for free!! It’s a win-win!

When I work out there the PTs and intern PTs are all so helpful and nice! They’re always eager to show new things to do and to make sure that I am doing the work out correctly. I have also been talking to one of the PTs, and he is going to help me with the gait trainer! I am very excited about that!! Christina has picked up very quickly what she can do to help me And to get me set up on the machines that I do. I am so grateful that she is with me!

I have also been talking to one of the PTs, and he is going to help me with the gait trainer! I am very excited about that!!

Christina and I have taken some pics so that I can show you what I have been doing. I do not get to do these exercises every time I go, but most of them!

They are all good do not get me wrong, but this one is my favorite simply because it moves my legs like I am riding a bike! It is all done with the touch of a button! It moves around muscles that I do not get a chance to work on and helps with muscle tone. I go 15 mins. forward and 15 mins. backwards at 30 mph! So I getting close to 2.4 miles! It is a popular machine and there are a couple of them there.

This is a pulldown bar that is attached to some weights. There is one set I do to help my upper back muscles, one for the lower back, biceps, etc.! A very interesting tool that I use here is that you see the black gloves. They wrap them around hand my hand and the bar so that I do not lose my grip! They call them boxing gloves! I am woman, Hear me ROAR, LOL! I do a set of 10 for each exercise.

On this one I am skiing down the Alps, running from a polar bear, and woah I almost hit a tree, LOL!! My imagination can run wild while on this one!! I usually do this one for a couple of mins.! If you look down by my feet there is a fan and every time I pullback on the handles the fan starts to blow, and I get a breeze! A good incentive to work out!!

Doing 5 mins. on the stationary hand bike and on the glider is something I do.

Stretching is a very important part of my routine, and when one of the PTs are available they help me to stretch, which is so nice! It is one my favorite things!

I am trying to make it to the gym 3 days a week for about 2 hours each day. This past month gave me an idea of what my routine will look like of what I can do. I am not always able to get there each day or to each piece of equipment everytime I go because it is being used by someone else at that time. My overall goal in going here is not to get 6 pack abs, lol, but to try to slow down the progression of my FA.. I am so am so enjoying myself and have met some amazing people so far. I have also learned some good techniques ! I am so very grateful for all of their help, what a blessing it has been!

There is a Neuro PT for people with ataxia that I have seen sometimes when I watch her on YouTube and she always says, “Just keep moving… Quality is better than quantity!” I totally agree!

Rolling on, Stephanie

6 thoughts on “My new routine!

  1. How awesome is that! You look great using all those machines! And what a bonus to get help stretching afterwards! I shared it to Facebook even though I’m hardly ever on anymore! You gogirl!!

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  2. This is awesome Steph. Seems like they have a lot of variety of machines and folks really are working one on one with you. I was wondering if you have to use insurance to go here?


  3. Woohoo! What an awesome provision from God. You get physical exercise. You get to meet knew friends. I also like that Christina gets to work out there also. How cool is that!

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