Jan has rolled on by!

1st I had 2 iron infusion as my iron was so low that I was anemic. At the end of last year I started taking iron pills and until I got in to see the hematologist who put me on to get the iron infusions. The infusions get into your system quicker, and not taking pills is a winner! To be honest, not really knowing what to expect I was kind of the nervous! I knew that I would be hooked up to an IV for a little over an hour. Not sure if it was going to burn, or the needle would be painful. The nurse that helped me was very nice. My caregiver Christina or my dad would hold me under the arms and the nurse would get my legs and place me on an oversized recliner. Putting pillows all around me to secure me in and reclining back with my legs up I was comfortable. Extending my left arm so she could put in the IV. I was pleasantly surprised when nothing burned or hurt! Each time it took over an hour. I listen to my audiobook on my Kindle the 1st time and just rested my eyes during the 2nd one(gave me time to think). It did not make me feel like a changed woman, but I did not feel as tired. I have noticed that my hands do not get as cold! I go to see the hematologist and get more blood work to see how my iron levels are now in a little over a month to see if I need anymore infusions.

I saw a new neurologist in Oct and I was told that I would be a good candidate to get Botox for my hands as they curl in! A lot of you are thinking like that Botox they use for plastic surgery, but this is a different kind to help spastic muscles. This only lasts about 3 months before having to return to get it done again. My insurance denied it at 1st, ugh! But the doctor knew how to word things so that I could get it paid for!! She is so nice and caring! While I was so excited to get it done I was also nervous yet again because I did not know what to expect. Were the shots going to hurt or would the medicine burn? The needle that was used in the muscle of my arms was very tiny. She made me grip her finger, and I could hear a machine making noise and the louder the noise she knew that’s the correct muscle she needed to put the Botox in. She told me that because it was the 1st time for me to get it she only put a small amount that she was not sure how my body would react to getting it done. So far so good! It hasn’t even been a full month and I have already see wonderful progress. For a long time now they have been turning in, and for a long time I always stretch out my fingers on my eating tray where I eat most of my meals unless I am up in my standing frame or I am out! I am afraid of them getting stuck that way. So I already have my next appt. for that in April! She told me that it would take a month for me to see good progress, and I am so thankful for what has been done so far! Wondering what else she could do? My neck, my feet, my ankles, My hamstrings, my hips, my thighs, my shoulders, LOL??

For over 16 years I have been seeing the Neuro therapist Cindy Alvis. This past Thu. was the last time I would see her as my therapist. From the 1st day that she began working with me I knew I would not let her go until I had to. She helped me to see my full potential, and taught me howto get the most out of my exercises, even doing some exercises that I never would have thought I could do! Well, it was time, ugh! In the meantime, I am not lost as I have my awesome caregiver Christina and my wonderful dad with my stretches and exercises! I am working on getting a agency who takes Medicare and can help me out with PT and OT! It was a sad day, but I will keep moving forward. PT Cindy and I will always remain friends! Thank you for being you PT Cindy!

PS- Many blessings that the program I am in is not going to stop paying for my massage therapy!

Rolling on, Stephanie

Stay warm!

3 thoughts on “Jan has rolled on by!

  1. Sweet Stephanie, you have always been an inspiration to our family. So glad you are getting some things done that help you live a better life. So glad God is the center of your life, that means a lot. May God keep blessing you and your wonderful Dad. Love you, Billy Wantland, Tulsa, Ok.

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  2. Sounds like you have found some good therapies! Hannah’s hands had started to ‘clench’ like this, as well. Happy to know that you have found something that helps, and that insurance will cover it! Your hair is SILVER (mine too)…and looks just beautiful! You & your Dad stay warm & here’s 🙏🏼Ing that this is NOTHING like LAST February! We had electricity (and with it, heat) – but no water for several days! Hugs, love & prayers to you always 🥰

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  3. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for sharing not only your experiences but your feelings as your were heading towards these treatments. It’s a blessing to be able to hear even what might seem to you like details. And we see God’s goodness, wisdom, and kindness in his bringing the beautiful individuals that he’s brought into your life in these various seasons. Thanks again!

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