RIP rolling on blog

Photo courtesy of artist Charlie Hughes

As this year is coming to an end this blog is to 😦 I have been keeping this blog up for a couple of years now and I do not post very often, which was my intention. My loss of vision is making it hard to edit and takes me forever. Words run together and it is crazy! My lack of fine motor control does not help matters either. I do not know why, but I do get some anxiety issues when posting or lack there of. Also, For as often as I post it does not pay for me to continue this blog from having stupid advertisements.

While I Do not want to sound like a Debby downer or ungrateful for what I do have because I am not. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which can I get an you have to make the best of what you do get! I have loved all of my followers (which are not very many), but I can communicate through email, face time, Skype, messenger, Facebook, text, or the old-fashioned phone, LOL! I am so thankful for each one of you for reading and commenting! Having your support has made me want to try to keep things going, but is now just getting too difficult for me. I am not giving up though as I will check in on those other social media sites from time to time .This is not me saying goodbye forever it is just saying see you other ways!

Hope that everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, and ROLLS away from the table stuffed!!!

Rolling on, Stephanie

5 thoughts on “RIP rolling on blog

    1. You were one of the people who I thought of when letting the blog go. I knew that you read it because it is something we would talk about. It kept you up-to-date on what is happening with me and how to pray about it! It just got too much and and I am saving over $60 a year! Yes let’s Face Time soon for sure!


  1. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with you on this blog but completely understand why you would want to prioritize other means of communication. Will also try to FaceTime.

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  2. Steph, I have always been so impressed with you as a beautiful young woman, a friend and advocate to many and a true woman of God. You are an inspiration to all who have followed you on your blog and will continue to connect with you.

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