Thank you for your service!

Fresh out of college (2005) I did a paid internship for 2 summers at the Carswell Joint Reserve Base in Ft. Worth. I worked with the Navy in the medical department doing mostly data entry for the medical records of Marines. I absolutely loved my time there(seeing men in uniform is a great way to start the day, LOL!)!

I did not know that the Marines were not there own entity for every department. Because I worked in an office with the Navy yet there were Marines in majority of the building there was always sarcasm and jokes flying around between them who was better and stuff. I was quick to be pulled in on some of the practical jokes between the 2 branches of military! The way I looked at it was that the Marines just needed is a little help in the medical department from their friends and the Navy stepped up!

I was given a much greater appreciation for the military and what they did/do to keep us safe and for our freedom! Made me proud to BE an American! Every morning at 8 AM as my mom was taking me to work there would be the national anthem that was played over the speakers for the whole base to hear. If we were not parked yet we would have to pull over, get out of the van, and put her hand over her heart (just my mom) and! If you were in uniform you have to salute to the flag! It would give me goosebumps every morning! I also remember being invited to listen to a talk from one of the last Petty officers that was in the Hiroshima! So touching to hear stories and what he through. There was probably more than 100 pay officers in their and I was the only one balling! History was never a strong subject for me. There were lots of more memories, but those are a couple that stand out to me!

I learned so much from working there, and it is something that I will never forget!

I am so grateful to all the veterans who gave up so much and sacrificed so much to give us the safety and freedom that we have here in America! I cannot say thank you enough!!

Rolling on, Stephanie

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    1. I am talking to you as well, thank you for your service! 9

      I tried to schedule this blog to show up this morning and I thought I knew what I was doing however NO! I clicked where it is said to publish immediately. Then he came up with the calendar and I put for this morning at 3 AM pack could not figure out what I needed to click gone from there? Do you know? I say this all the time but I am really going to try to either post more stop blogging all together. I think I have until the end of the month to renew my subscription. It is a lot of money for something I am doing regularly. My eyes are not cooperating and it would take anxiety off of my shoulders to do. Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me!

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