Rolling on: My new discovery!

Thanks to my sister I was the guinea pig to try Fried Pickle w/ Ranch Popcorn! Sounds like something they would have at the state fair of Texas since they have everything and anything Fried!!

The verdict is in: DRUMROLL PLEASE!!


It is actually pretty good! You will find yourself not being able to eat just one! I was worried at 1st as my brother warned me by saying that it stinks, LOL! You can definitely smell the dill pickles smell with a hint of ranch! Because I love dill pickles I was not bothered by it. Due to my uncoordinated self I use a Cup (preferably a hard plastic kiddie cup) to drink it. I will tell you though when drinking it from the cup the minute you take in a big wiff your sinuses will be opened, LOL! When it comes to any kind of finger foods such as nuts, M&Ms, candy, pieces of fruit, etc. I drink them. So I sent my dad down to Sam’s to get me some. I have been sharing it with my caregiver Christina!!

Rolling on, Stephanie

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