Finding the + in a – situation!

So I am always trying to look for the positive in everything that comes my way! This was so true this past weekend as on Saturday morning I went to the ER with a high heart rate, ugh! I got to come home after being admitted in the hospital on Mon afternoon, A POSITIVE!

With Covid being on the rise again the hospital to which my cardiologist works at was full and there were no beds available, ugh! However, I do believe that everything happens for a reason and I got the most amazing care while there from the nurses, house doctors, and staff, A POSITIVE!

My bro sacrificed 2 of his nights to stay with me!

I also think that my family would have had a harder time getting to the hospital where my heart Doctor works at. We are all so much more familiar with the surroundings of the hospital I ended up going to. I have been a patient there before (in 2016). Major props go to the most amazing family who was always there for me day and night, A POSITIVE!

The next positive maybe a little TMI, but I was so impressed with this contraption that I want to share! So while in the ER I had to go “powder my nose” as some may say! Now having FA and not able to easily transfer at all has always been difficult for me as I know I will need help. My mind tells me that I do not want to be a burden on anyone else (which happens in almost every situation because of my progression with FA. I know I should not feel this way but I do. My mom used to get onto me all the time for thinking that. ) so I end up watching my liquid intake or just holding it. (I know I should not do that one either, but I am sure that we all do that to some extent.) I could not do that here. So the nurse gave me my options which were to use a bedside commode, a bedpan (Hello what is natural about that?), or a catheter (“NO WAY!” As Joey said on the TV show friends about using a catheter, “That nothing is going up, up is not an option!”). I knew these were going to be my options as I had done every one of them before. The bedside commode looks like the only option I would be willing to do. The nurse was really trying to get me to use this external catheter and she said that it stayed on the outside of your body, in between your legs. It has this tube and on the end of it are these sponge looking suction cups that when you empty your bladder it sucks it up into this tube, and empties into a big jug. The nurse had to show me several times how it works before I would give it a try. She said it keeps you dry. So they haven’t been using them for very long, and that women are responding very well to them. So what the heck I decided to give it a try! So she put it in place and covered me up and left the room so I could have some privacy. I was sitting up in the bed. My dad was in the room but on the phone, and I began to let it flow! We both looked at each other with wide eyes as it sounded like RAIN, ROFL!! I started laughing as that was so not unexpected! It was not just a drizzle but more like that TX summer monsoon!!! Technology these days is so wonderful, A POSITIVE!

So after 12 hours of being in the ER and unfortunately my heart rate had not gone down any, ugh, a room opened up on the cardiac floor. The 1st thing I asked was if they had one of those P things (I kept asking them for the name of it as I kept forgetting, LOL! It is called a Purewick female catheter.) Once I went upstairs they told me I could keep that catheter in for the day before needing to change it. They would just check to make sure it hadn’t moved out of position because that could be a big mess.

This was amazing news for me as I did not have to worry about watching my liquid intake or having to have help to transfer in the bathroom, A POSITIVE!!

I would giggle every time I would go and could hear the storm rolling in, LOL! My dad, bro, and sis could not believe how often I would fill up that big jug! When I got ready to jump that joint and had to leave that P thing there it was all dry! Amazing I tell you, just amazing! By Sun evening my heart rate began to go down and level out, A POSITIVE!

God was always with me through the good and bad times! Sometimes it is harder than others to trust in him, but I know that he works all things together for my good! Romans 8:28

Rolling on, Stephanie

6 thoughts on “Finding the + in a – situation!

  1. Kudos to you for finding the positive (that’s so YOU) and to your bro for staying with you! You had me lol talking about that catheter! I’m so glad that was available and easy for you!! I’m so glad also that you are back home with no ill effects! I would have tried to visit, but Dad was staying with me and like you said, COVID cases being on the rise, hospitals are not where I should be right now! I know you understand and knew that I was praying for your quick release! You are such a remarkable, inspiration and I admire your faith that God helped you through a negative situation with so many positives! 🤗


  2. Oh my gosh! Yes! Lindsey used that new contraption on her last visit! Ah-maz-ing! Definitely a life saver for those with physical disabilities and a great convenience post-op! Hope you feel better soon! It is definitely a scary time to have to be hospitalized. Many hugs to you!


    1. Thank you for the comment Wendy! I have also been reading comments on Facebook and other people are telling me that these catheters have apparently been around a a while! Who knew? I sure didn’t, but am so glad that I do now! It is quite scary being in the hospital now. I was very lucky because my family was able to be with me. I hope that Lindsey is doing well and you to! I am feeling much better!

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      1. I am so relieved your blood pressure issue was resolved! Thank you so much for the report on the female external catheter. I had no idea something like this existed. I have seen the portable manual bottle w/ a handle, but that doesn’t work well in a seated or laying position. I need gravity to completely empty my bladedr. However this device basically vacuums the fluid away from the body into a colllection//storage unit. I iimmediatellly googled it to see if it is right for my needs. I want to trave again and bathroom ttrannsfers are aa showstopper.. The price tag has given me pause..$800 plus additional cost of suggested replacement parts is pricey.. Although this priduct may currently not work for me, I will remember it ‘s availability. I appreciate you sharing.

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  3. I absolutely know the meaning Christin about traveling and how this would be a game changer for me as well. I did not ask the hospital if I would be able to purchase this complete contraption online or not, but I do have a neighbor who used to work in the medical supply place and has used one before when she had to be in the hospital for a bit. She told me that you can get one on Amazon. Then she said not the complete device! Yes, I know they are either lot of money to not know if they work good for you, and I would want to be properly trained once I would get one to make sure that I am doing it all correctly. I do not know if Wendy has looked into getting one for Lindsey or not. She lives in OK! Good grief, I cannot remember where but Christin lives in BA!

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