Rolling back: Feb 96-Feb 97 INDEPENDENCE part 3!

Rolling Back to School

After getting settled in the apt. I ended up going to junior college with Mindy. I do not recall the class but I remember that I really enjoyed it. Mindy saw that I did so she told me that I should look into taking a couple of classes. She said “Keep your mind busy from just sitting in this apt. during the day!” I knew she was right so I ended up talking to an advisor who steered me in the right direction. I had to take a placement test because it had been over 3 years since I had gone to high school. So I already knew that I would not do well on the math portion of the test because math had never been my strong suit. COLOR ME BAD, as I did not do good on the reading, or writing portions of the test either!! Breathe, it could always be worse I told myself! Before enrolling I had to speak to the rehab as they would be paying for me to take classes. I had to go downtown, heck no, was I going to drive downtown! So my aunt Dorcia and cousin Eric took me, thanks guys! So I wanted to get the remedial stuff out of the way so I took the reading and writing classes the 1st semester. Which by this time I got everything done in order to start it the fall of 96!It is really weird the things I remember, but I remember writing a paper on the TV comedy show “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” for writing class, and then reading John Grisham’s book, “The Firm” for reading class! Not a book that I would have generally picked out for personal reading pleasure, but it was really good! Both of those classes were easy As for me, and so glad I did not have to take that again even though I have always loved writing!

As it was time to start enrolling for Winter 1997 I wanted to keep right on going, but I was not sure about driving with it being cold and possible snow or ice some days! Mindy said that she would take a class with me on the TV!! Those days you could take classes via TV for the lectures, and would have to go in to take the tests! So you would have certain channels and times to watch them. Mindy and I both did not really care for history so we thought that if we both took it we could help each other out if needed. I remember recording the lectures on the VCR so that way we could watch them whenever and however often we needed. I do not think we ever really felt the need to watch it more than once, LOL! The professor spoke in a very monotone voice that was boring to us. I never did finish that class as I moved back to Fort Worth close to 2 months into it. But not before Mindy told me, “I am going to kick your butt if you don’t get back in school!”

Rolling in the Dough!

So in early summer 1996 I was just hanging out at the apt. I was trying to get my ducks in a row so that I could begin junior college when Mindy saw that a new grocery store was going to be opening up soon about 5 mins. from our apt. The sign was that they were going to be hiring for ALL positions soon! She told me I should go grab an application. Not too sure what kind of position I could fill so for that reason I did not even want to try. I kind of looked at her like she was crazy! “What could they want from me?” “What could I do for them other than be in the way?” Even though my doubts were on high I ended up getting an application to bring home and fill out. I was really wanting to prove her wrong again. After a week or so I took it up there (still mumbling doubts)and talk to the lady (Lynda) She looked over the application, and kept staring at me. She then asked me if I went to Webster HS? Hesitently I said yes. She said I did do (small world!), and I remember seeing you on TV as the Homecoming Queen the year you graduated! I think that we can make a place for you to work here, come back in a couple of weeks and we will talk! And like that my foot was in the door!! When I had gone back for the 2nd interview it was decided that I would be the glorified greeter But only on the weekends, as I also had school on Tuesdays and Thursdays! I had a powered scooter that I would drive and keep at the store. For the next couple of months before opening their doors I would spend tons of time rolling up and down the aisles memorizing where things were stocked. After the doors opened if things could not be found on the shelves I would take down their name and number and have someone in the office give them a call when they order came in. One time I rolled right into a display of pyramid cans of corn, EECK!! Thank God nothing or no one got hurt, but it sure was embarrassing(at the moment but now it makes me chuckle!)! There was also a video store and that’s where you could rent VHS tapes! So I was known to grab me a microwave pizza, salad, DP, and a movie to take home for the evening!! Some of my female coworkers would help me in the restroom if needed, very blessed!! I worked there part-time for 6 or 7 months! I really liked it and all of my coworkers! This also helped me out to give back in the way of finances! We always made ends meet!!

Looking back…

Pictures of Mindy and I together are few and far between because one of us was always taking the picture! This is a really good picture of us regardless of my gaudy lipstick! There are not enough good things I can say about Mindy during this time of us being roomies. She supported, encouraged, and sometimes gave me the push that I needed to succeed!! There were times when we did have disagreements, but they were few and far between, dealt with, and did not last long! Thank you so much for being you!! Thank you God for putting her in my path during this time!

Rolling on, Stephanie

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord! They are plans for good and not harm, to give you a hope and a future! – Jeremiah 29:11

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