Rolling on to 2021, can I get an AMEN!

As the year 2020 rolls on by most of it will not be missed but most of it will not be forgotten either! I will not rehash everything said that went on for me again this year. I will tell you that I will be Rolling on to 2021, can I get a AMEN!! There is always something that I remind myself of when it comes to challenging times like this, and it’s that THINGS COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE! I was still able to find a few things to be blessed about:

This was my 6th year to get to walk with my gait trainer! I got to spend a whole year with my awesome caregiver Christina! (She is actually been with me for a year and 7 months!) With some help from my friends I got to go parasailing!I was able to catch up the they a lot of my friends and family video chatting, zooming, facetiming, texting, emailing, and calling! It has been exactly one year since I started writing in this blog, even though I have procrastinated a lot. Thank you for those of you who have stuck it out with the me this year, and for the new readers who had joined. I am so blessed for it all!!

So let’s roll into 2021, can I get an AMEN!! God has never left us, and he never will!

While quarantining I am planning to enjoy some homemade Frito chili pie and listening to my audiobook while watching the ball drop! Be careful and be safe!

Rolling on, Stephanie

One thought on “Rolling on to 2021, can I get an AMEN!

  1. Sounds safe and delicious! I was so happy to be a part of your parasailing adventure! We are just going to have a quiet evening at home as well, may play some pool and have some homemade turkey soup and cornbread šŸ¤— Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!šŸŽŠšŸŽ†šŸ„‚

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