Care like no other… She’s the best!

I meant to have this published before now, but today is the one year anniversary of me having the most awesome full-time caregiver!! Christina came into my life after I thought I would never be able to find someone as good, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, understanding, caring, giving, thoughtful, sweet, and gentle!! To find someone with all of those qualities is very rare! I had almost given up on looking any further for someone, and was going to choose from the 2 who answered my ad previously. In Then I heard her voice on the phone. I thought to myself there is something different sounding about this lady, what do I got to lose? So she came over for an interview, and the rest is history! My dad and I could not be more thrilled with her. Thank you for being you Christina, you are the best! Many hugs and much love!

Here are some pictures that were taken of her and I throughout this year!!

Rolling on, Stephanie

2 thoughts on “Care like no other… She’s the best!

  1. What a special lady you are. Your Mom and Dad have loved and taken such good care of you. Since you Mom moved to Heaven, you have been able to carry on with a good life because of the valves they instilled in you. Everyone loves you Stephanie, God bless you.

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  2. So happy for you (and your Dad) that Christina came into your life! As a person who also relies on and employs a daily caregiver, I know how important finding the right caregiver is. Sometimes it’s a daunting task!! It sounds like Christina is a blessing.

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